The Family Resource Centers Network of California (FRCNCA) is comprised of California`s 47 Early Start Family Resource Centers (ESFRC).   ESFRCs are funded by the Department of Developmental Services to serve families of children birth to three.  In addition , many ESFRCs have enhanced funding that allows them to serve families of children beyond age three, youth and adults with disabilities  and the professionals who serve them

If you are a professional who works with families of children with or at risk of a developmental delay, then we are glad you have found us.  We have found that up to 50% of contacts with ESFRCs are from professionals.

If you’re looking for a local contact, your Early Start Family Resource Center (ESFRC) has friendly, helpful staff who can provide local resources and information.   ESFRCs employ parents of children with disabilities who can provide information and guidance from a family perspective.

Your local ESFRC will be able to provide you with:

  • Resources and information
  • Referral services
  • Training and conference information
  • Family perspective