Legislative and Public Policy Web Resources

California Association of Family Resource Centers (CFRA)

CFRA is a statewide membership organization of organizations and individuals working to build vibrant communities that put children and families first. Founded in 2005, CFRA advocates for policies, programs and resources that help families and communities thrive and succeed. CFRA also works to build the capacity of its members organizations and creates networks that link people and resources. CFRA’s policy focus is in the area of child welfare, mental health, economic success and school readiness.

California Disability Action Network

CDCAN provides extensive analysis of legislative and budget issues affecting Californians with developmental disabilities. You can sign up to receive updates by email, or you can view them on the website.

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)

The DREDF website is a good place to check updates on IDEA and other federal legislation affecting individuals with disabilities.

Family Voices

Family Voices’ Policy page focuses on legislation, public policy and court cases that affect children with special health care needs.

Health Access California

Health Access California keeps track of legislation and budget issues that focus on the health needs of Californians..

Dissability Rights California

DRC’s In the Legislature (http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/legislature/index.htm) and Bulletin Board pages provide updates on legislative and policy issues that affect individuals with developmental disabilities in California.

Support for Families’ Guide to Legislative and Public Policy Websites

Support for Families hosts a website that provides resources on public policy and legislative issues that affect children with disabilities/special health care needs. Its Current Issues page contains updates on local, state and federal issues.


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